Our Services

Casey House & Land Transfers handles all your conveyancing requirements – promptly and efficiently.

Our comprehensive service for both Purchasers and Vendors is summarised here.


Listed below are some of the services Casey House & Land Transfers provides to Purchasers:

  • We provide you with a comprehensive information sheet on the conveyancing process.
  • We check the Section 32 Vendors Statement.
  • We provide advice regarding information in the Vendors Statement, and clearly explain your rights and obligations as a purchaser of real estate.
  • We explain any special conditions in the Contract of Sale, and advise how these special conditions might affect you and the purchase of the property.
  • We prepare any special conditions needed to protect your interests as purchaser.
  • We advise on how to deal effectively with estate agents.


Listed below are some of the services Casey House & Land Transfers provides to Vendors:

  • We prepare the Section 32 Vendors Statement on your behalf on the basis of information provided by you, together with information we obtain from the Land Titles Office and other authorities.
  • We prepare the Contract of Sale of Real Estate, inserting any special conditions required by law, or required by you.  We advise you of any conditions that may be required to protect your interests.
  • We check the fully signed Contract, to ensure it is in order, and to determine if any new obligations have been created by the addition of special conditions.
  • Wherever possible, we secure early release of the deposit by way of a Section 27 Deposit Release Statement.
  • If there is a mortgage over the property, we arrange with your bank to have the balance of your loan repaid and the mortgage over the property discharged.
  • We coordinate Settlement with the Purchaser and other relevant parties (such as lenders).
  • After Settlement, we pay the balance of funds into an account nominated by you, or make the funds available directly to you.
  • Following Settlement, we advise Council and water authorities that you no longer own the property.

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